Volos Vip Taxi & konstantinos skalimis

All About taxi service, my name is Konstantinos Skalimis, I’m 45 years old and I have been a professional taxi driver in Volos, Greece for over 23 years. My family and I lived many years in Hannover, Germany.

My father was a professional taxi driver too. and also being a host. What is more, I speak Greek ( also German & English )and I can translate for my customers.

After returning back to Greece, I began to work with the travel agencies, help- ing them with transfers from the airport to hotels, cruise ships or ferry boats, anything to make their clients’ trip to Greece easier.

From the early years of my life I had an inability to imitate my father and say that when I grow up, I will become a professional driver like him.

 I am in the Second generation of taxi drivers and I’ve managed to succeed my dream in Greece, because I love this profession.

My Dream began - Taxi Driver

All my childhood i watch my father to drive the Mercedes E class 1976-1988, and always i was waiting the time to come back home to wash & claen the taxi.

I was verry exciting when he get me a ride with his Mercedes Taxi, so the drem comes up in my mind when i grow up to be a taxi driver in my town !!!

Then I began to take people on excursions around Volos, to the Pelion, museums, shopping trips (I have saved many people’s money by being able to bargain for them).

Places like the lovely village of Makrinitsa where you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets from the “balcony of Volos”.

I started studying the history of my country so I could offer information to m customers and be more than just a driver.

 My experience in Germany was the greatest prac- tice for me, to learn to speak both German and English.

The first daily trip was to Meteora monasteries from Volos, the experience with clients from german helping me to fresch my german language again.

That was the first time on  1995 i visit the monaseries not like a visitor but for my job and of course i visit 4 of the 6 monasteries with my clients-friends from Germany.


I learned from my mistakes

In order to learn and practice a new profession, you must take risks and learn from mistakes and collaborations.

I am happy to work with people better than me and this is the only way to become better in your profession.

I love my profesion very much, its more like a hoby and not a boring job, im trying to give 100% of my self to anyone visit Greece with me.


To all of the excursions i stop at beaches, quiet taverns, re- mote churches and monasteries, because when you see Greece and you have the freedom to see everything that captures your interest.

I have a brand new Mercedes S Class Long Taxi. 

Full air conditioning and comfortable seats with leather interior, DVD, Tv, WiFi on board, soft drinks & chargers for your mobile devices.

I drive very carefully and I do not smoke. In my car I carry the latest guidebooks and brochures for all the sights we are going to visit, so that.

If you get tired of looking at the beautiful countryside, you can read about where we are going and of course, ask me some questions about what we will see.

I can guarantee to you, that if you take a journey around.