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Most popular daily Trips with VolosVipTaxi


Daily trip to Meteora

The most popular daily trip from Volos with taxi is the monasteries of Meteora.

The area of Meteora was originally settled by monks who lived in caves within the rocks during the 11th Century.

But as the times became more unsure during an age of Turkish occupation, brigandry and lawlessness, they climbed higher and higher up the rock face until they were living on the inaccessable peaks where they were able to build by bringing material and people up with ladders and baskets and build the first monasteries.

This was also how the monasteries were reached until the nineteen twenties and now there are roads, pathways and steps to the top.

There are still examples of these baskets which are used for bringing up provisions. Back in the days when these baskets were the only way to get to the monasteries a nervous pilgrim asked his monk host if they ever replace the rope.

“Of course we do” he replied.”Whenever it breaks”,

Daily trip "Round of pelion"

Mt. Pelion, home of the Centaurs, has been renowned for its beauty since antiquity.

Homer and his contemporary Hesiod, have both praised its unique flora and medicinal plants in their work describing Pelion as the leafy and woody, mountain respectively.

In prehistoric times, several large, predatory animals must have inhabited the range, in as much as Cheiron, who, according to Greek mythology, was Achilles’ teacher and mentor, used to feed on lion meat and brains.

Volos is situated between the crystal-clear waters of the Pagasitikos Bay and the evergreen slopes of Pelion Mountain.

Volos is the capital of Magnesia and one of the largest and most modern cities of Greece.

The privileged location of Volos and its port attracts important investment ensuring the prosperity of the region.


Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great and Philip II

We will start our day trip with our Taxi from Volos to Verginα early in the morning, driving North from Volos on the national road and passing by the cities of Larisa, Vale of Tempe, Katerini & Verιa continue our drive to northen site of the famous mountain Olympos. Soon we reach the beautiful village of Vergina.

Get to know the imperial capital, the ancient city where Alexander the Great was born and raised and where the great philosopher and tutor Aristoteles was invited to educate him.

The archaeological treasures of the glorious Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip II of Makedon, as detailed by Herodotus, invite you to a unique roadtrip to history.

The excursion travels you to the ancient greek, byzantine and modern history bringing back in light the lost prestige of Aigai, the first city of the Macedonians.

Discover the museum of Aigai; a World Heritage site of UNESCO, against the natural beauty of the area and the view of the Macedonian plain that travels our eye till the end of the horizon.


Dat trip to Oracle Delphi from Volos

Delphi day trip is one of the most popular Top Greek Attractions.

The visitors have the chance to do a trip back in the history from the Historical times until the Modern times because we can do a combination with visiting at the monastery of Hosios Lukas who is one of the most important in Orthodox Christian faith.

We will start our day trip with our Taxi from Volos to Delphi early in the morning, driving south from Volos on the national road and passing by the cities of Lamia, Amfissa, continue our drive to Mt Parnassus. Soon we reach the beautiful village A rachova. It is the most popular winter destination due to the largest ski center in Greece which is nearby.

Only two hours away from Volos we reach Delphi, the place where ancient Greeks believed was the navel of the world. Its sanctuary and the Manteion with its oracles actually defined the course of ancient Greek history.