Transfer to Agios Konstantinos - Kammena Vourla

Taxi Volos to Agios konstantinos Fthiotida.

Until a few years ago, Agios Konstantinos was the first stop for those traveling to Thessaloniki.

Now the road does not pass through the city, which has been turned into a resort resort calmer and definitely safer.

Most arrive here for the port that connects Sterea with the Sporades Islands,

Built in an area overgrown with olive groves and pines that touch the blue of the sea.

Agios Konstantinos is synonymous with provincial simplicity and beauty.

It was once the famous port of Fokaia and Epiknimidi Lokra, but it took its name from the impressive church of Saints Constantine and Helen.

The whole city is built on the ancient Dafnounta of Lokrida.

Which was protected by long walls, the ruins of which are preserved in the place Isomata.

Transfer to Kamena Vourla with taxi & Van

Kamena Vourla (lit. “Burnt Rushes”) is a town and a former municipality in Phthiotis, Greece

The Knimis mountains rise just south of the town. It is crossed by Motorway which connects Athens and Thessaloniki.

It’s the most known resort in Phthiotis Riviera well organized with lots of high quality services for our visitors.

 Sitiuated in the middle of Greece is the perfect destination neatr the sea but with a lot of alternatives near by.

 Like daily tour ot well known Delphi or Thermopylae or Meteora and even Acropolis.

Most of the residents are occupied in tourism domain mostly with accomodation or restaurants and cafe.

Less residents are involved with agriculture.

A  famous springs became important around 1926 when the chemist Michail Pertesis discovered.

The exceptionally high radon concentration in the water, which was thought of as a great value for people’s health.

Nearly ten years later (1930s), the first hotels started to develop. After World War II, Kamena Vourla was transformed into a famous tourist attraction.

Nearby the city a historic tomb is situated, a monument to the Battle of Thermopylae with a seal of Leonidas, King of Sparta, located not far from the mountain village Karya.